AI in Healthcare

Applications of AI can revolutionise healthcare from keeping well, early detection, diagnosis and decision making, to treatment, end of life care, research and training. With people living for longer and strain on health services, how long until this science-fiction is made science fact in the real world ?


Update: I’m Back!

It’s been some time since I’ve last posted, however, all for good reasons. Not only did I relax over the summer, I had the amazing opportunity to attend a few summer schools for computer science!

Sorting Algorithms

A sorting algorithm puts a list of elements in a particular order. In python, if you want to sort a list, you can do list.sort(), however, here we will explore how to create our own sorting function.

AQA Computer Science A Level Flash Cards

With mock exams dawning upon us (mine are in about a week), I am in the process of turning my handwritten notes and flash cards into electronic copies to share with everyone (as well as revising and doing lots and lots of practise exam questions.) To view the notes go to...

The War of the Words: Fake News

“Fake news” is nothing new, but, the speed at which it is shared has unquestionably increased. In our informatics age, stories can be created absolutely anywhere and made available widely and quickly through social media. With a Gartner study predicting that by 2022 the majority of people, in advanced economies, will see more false stories than true news, how well can technology battle in the War of the Words?

Are We Living in a Simulated Reality?

Our universe looks designed. Any small alteration could mean that an atom is no longer stable, a star is not formed, a universe is not created - it almost as if the universe runs on a set of mathematical lines; code on a computer; a simulation.

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