AI in Healthcare

Applications of AI can revolutionise healthcare from keeping well, early detection, diagnosis and decision making, to treatment, end of life care, research and training. With people living for longer and strain on health services, how long until this science-fiction is made science fact in the real world ?


Update: I’m Back!

It’s been some time since I’ve last posted, however, all for good reasons. Not only did I relax over the summer, I had the amazing opportunity to attend a few summer schools for computer science!

Puzzle: Counting Triangles

An algorithm starts with a single equilateral triangle and on each subsequent iteration adds new triangles all around the outside. The results for the first three values on n are shown in the image above. How many small triangles will be there after the nth iteration?

Personal Data & GDPR

Receiving emails and letters from organisation asking you to update your permissions and preferences? Frequently seeing personal data and GDPR but not quite understanding what they mean? Well, I’ll break it down for you by answering the key questions.

Sorting Algorithms

A sorting algorithm puts a list of elements in a particular order. In python, if you want to sort a list, you can do list.sort(), however, here we will explore how to create our own sorting function.

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